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Rules To survive to Ensure your safety wHILE Driving
Law and order – it’s the premise that the American justice system is built on. But what happens when the law is out of order? What happens when the law only sees the color of a man’s skin and not the concept of innocent until proven guilty? What happens when the law makes the judgment call of guilty before order can step in?
What happens is the death of people of color at the hands of overzealous law enforcers. What happens is a man is held on the ground by his neck until he stops breathing (George Floyd). What happens is a man is shot in the back over and over again while walking away from police for a simple probation violation (Jacob Blake). What happens is a man (innocent until proven guilty)  violently pummeled by a law officer for refusing to present his ID (Roderick Walker). Mind you, Walker wasn’t even driving the car that was pulled over for a broken taillight.
Indeed, law and order is out of order, especially when it comes to people of color. But it’s nothing new, unfortunately. However, there are solutions, solutions, though that will take time and a concentrated effort to retool police departments that will actually protect and serve.
Many of these incidents of “guilty by color” are happening during traffic stops. As a result, we have put together a list of rules to help people of color not only avoid contact with police while driving but also to school them on how to conduct themselves during a traffic stop. It’s vital to not only understand your rights but also to understand the culture of law enforcement in present-day American. So here it is: (Driving While Black) DWB: Rules to Survive.
Key information:
  • An analytical approach to today’s troubling law enforcement’s relationship with drivers of color
  • More than 40 useful rules to keep Black (and Brown) drivers safe from unwarranted arrests, incarceration and physical abuse, and the violation of their civil rights
  • Research from media sources and renowned universities studies
  • True testimonials
  • An approach that discourages violence on all fronts
About the authors
Chris and Alicia Wilson decided to write this book as a series of three books based upon the disparities in minority communities. The first centers around the over policing in our communities. They have lived through decades of a history of mistreatment, excessive force and brutal shooting of unarmed motorists that were driving while Black.
Chris and Alicia both were raised with a rough upbringing’s in single-parent homes. Alicia’s crazy experience comes from coming across the border illegally with her mother and brothers; as a little girl, she witnessed firsthand people being treated less than human. Chris grew up in the inner city, watching people die due to lack of knowledge, discipline and structure in their lives. The pair decided to share these rules to survive.
Chris and Alicia are successful entrepreneurs and owners of a self-defense school called King Krav Maga, and also owners of a financial services company teaching minorities financial literacy and generational wealth building. His students call him sensei Chris because he is a close-quarter combat instructor and weapons tactics expert, so he trains lots of law enforcement professionals. He offers years of experience growing up in inner cities dealing with law enforcement as a Black man. This book will save lives ad teach people how to get around safely.

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